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Monday, July 10, 2006

Six Six Sixth Post

OK here we go now you all know my thoughts on this and I’ll update them in light of Rods Q&A session on
I wont bother to post this on the board because people complain when I do.
I think we’re still getting ripped off but I could be wrong because I don’t know the full facts or the charges levied at Stockholm airport for flights or parking space.
I think that 38 grand is more than enough to pay the landing or whatever charges house an aircraft overnight and pay for 100 hotel rooms.
I don’t buy into this whole bullshit at all OK we cant take Dublin into account because it was priced up wrong but this is still 200 quid more expensive than Iceland and the difference is what stockholms more expensive to fly into and the transport and the hotel.

500 quid is a lot of money to most people and to the people it isn’t a lot of dosh for then congratulations I’m happy that you’ve worked hard and got a great paying job. The majority of us have this as a major expenditure we could well do without.

And its been said before if you don’t like it don’t go.
I’ll reiterate I told Rowan that I would go if I say I’ll do something I’ll do it otherwise what sort of man would I be? I don’t particularly want to do it but hey.

My thoughts on this are that I shall probably sell off my early entry ticket to try and recoup my losses

Fighting crime in the 15th century

This weekend saw my annual trip to Tewksbury to work with uncle roger on his stall but with a new twist. On Saturday Kim said to me a couple of people were acting suspiciously looked like one had something under his tracksuit top so I wandered round the market behind him and his mate and I could see one of them had an antler handled knife in a sheath which could conceivably have been bought at the market. His mate on the other hand had something heavy in his pocket as his tracksuit top was weighed down quite heavily to one side. Not enough to report it these fairs attract a fair amount of lowlife looking to get something to act hard with I’d already seen some youngsters with foam nunchucks and a couple of people with boken so I didn’t think too much of it till I was walking to where my car was parked and I saw this pair of chavs again one of them had a four foot axe and this started my alarm bells ringing because even a blunted re-enactment axe will kill someone if you hit them over the head with it. So I followed them as they walked towards the exit thinking to check and see if any police were on traffic duty and mention that they might need to keep an eye out for people that shouldn’t have stuff. As I’m walking down a re enactor comes running past and I think phew he’s in a hurry and don’t think any more of it till I get near the exit where the guy who went running past was with the ATC guys who directed the traffic, he marches up to the pair of chavs snatches the axe and tells them that’s mine you’re staying here till the police get here and starts pushing them towards the admin tent. At this point one of them bolts for it, the trader gives chase and yells to stop him so as he darts round a parked car he moves towards me and I prepare to grab him and throw him on the ground. Fortunately he slips on some straw that had been put down to prevent the ground getting churned up at about the same time as I reap his legs away from under him and gome crashing down on top of him pinning him face down as the Sgt from the ATC piles in too. I shout at him don’t move and stay calm and he asks to get up so the ATC guy helps him up and I stay back in case hi bolts again. One of the ladies collecting for charity at the gate says that something was dropped in the scuffle and I pick up a bone inlayed knife in a leather sheath and hand that over. By this time security have turned up and I brief one of them to make sure to search both of them because I think they are carrying knives.
Turns out he had a bundle of about 12 knives tucked away so job well done

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Fifth Column

Right a bit of an overdue update so whats been happening (not that it matters as I’m sure maybe only 3 of you read this thing)
Well I spent some time last week on another leatherwork project that wont pay me anything: making a custom jacket for an 18th birthday present.
Typically I didn’t bother to take a picture but I’ll get one asap for you (who am I kidding) It’s a tattoo style dragon debossed into a leather patch with runes for dragon spirit debossed into the leather. The patch was then riveted to the back of the jacket and hey presto.
So I did the 18th 50th 30th anniversary party on Saturday and yes it was boring as F**k not really my scene. Ended up doing some work on armoire in the back garden and the suede tunic now is beginning to look like a tunic rather than some random scraps of leather. If I get the 3rd panel on then it will be ready for having the buckles and side laces on to make it wearable.
Tewksburys coming up so that will be the biggest medieval trade fair of the year this weekend and it’s a couple of days in a hot dirty field under canvass not too keen to be honest but it’s a good chance to go shopping.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Going fourth alone

Yeah got dumped this weekend Rowan doesn’t see a long term future in the relationship. To be fair I guess shes right if I cant give her what she wants then it is pretty pointless continuing with something. We’re still going to do Bruce Air in November and hopefully stay in touch. So welcome back to being the single bloke again to be honest I F***ing hate it.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Third time lucky

How quiet the roads were last night as we took one of our dogs to the vet for its booster injections. If you need to go anywhere I thoroughly recommend you do so during an England world cup game. Not one car we passed had one of those England flags on it.
Patriotic for 5 minutes that’s our problem as soon as we’re out of the cup there will be this big mountain of discarded England flags.

More partition walls went up yesterday and today it looks like the new bath will be fitted so I might even just be able to lie down in this one without my legs dangling over the side.

I’m also going to order some more suede for the battle coat project I’m working on and a replacement press stud fixing tool that should sort me out with enough to get it finished.

So onwards and upwards to the weekend

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sloppy second post

Not again not ever do you freaking understand me.
Boba was in one of his rants and the people pulled up their chairs as they always proved entertaining and for those of a delicate disposition somewhat disturbing.
Right so i have to support governement officials and we're rolling out some new PC's to replace the clockwork and steam powered difference engines that were in place before. so i arrange to be there for 8am and i carry the new tower unit keyboard mouse and flat screen from the car to the house and the door is answered by a chap in his 50's wearing a shirt and I hope to any god or higher power some underwear (believe me i didnt check too closely).
Now if i were a representative of the people of my local area I damn sure wouldnt answer the door in my f***ing underwear for F***s sake. Yes I am well aware of the fact that i have been known to remove articles of clothing and expose myself on occasion but not and i repeat NOT when I'm in my 50's and a supposedly responsible member of local government.

In other news my family's extend the house project is coming on nicely we now have no upstairs toilet (something we haven't been without since the mid 70's) and the bath is now in the middle of a building site.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Primary function

Dont expect grand sweeping updates or even any updates